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RiskLogic providing interns with practical experience

When an organisation is in growth mode, it’s quite common for the HR department to be buzzing with activity as they sift through job applications to find the ideal candidate – one who is experienced and would fit into the team dynamic. It’s also quite common for the HR department in these cases to dismiss expressions of interest from individuals who are less experienced and looking for opportunities in the form of internships. RiskLogic takes a different approach, believing everyone has to start somewhere and is an advocate of internships.

Cultivating a work environment which encourages innovation and placing people first, RiskLogic supports Intern programs developed by local and international educational institutions. There are clear advantages for RiskLogic and the intern to embark on this program together. For RiskLogic, an intern can provide a fresh perspective with new ideas and we also get an extra set of hands to assist with projects. In return, Interns get an opportunity to be hands on within the field they are studying as they are provided with a practical setting to apply theoretical knowledge – giving them a chance to use and develop their skills.

Meet Magnus Josias – a 25 year old student studying Risk and Emergency management at Copenhagen University College. As Magnus delved deeper into the study of Risk and Emergency Management, he developed a strong interest in the world of business resilience. “I find it fascinating how perception of various threat environments can be completely different depending on industry, culture and country”, says Magnus. Magnus set a goal for himself to secure a role within the industry where he could work with clients across different sectors and countries. With this goal in mind, Magnus decided to complete an internship as he believes it provides the greatest learning experience. He relished the notion of being presented with constant challenges and ability to develop fluid skills that would adapt to a dynamic work environment.

Although Magnus lives in Copenhagen, his love for travelling and learning different cultures saw him explore opportunities for work experience abroad. Magnus made contact with a number of resilience organisations throughout Australia, USA and UK. In an industry that is heavily compliance driven and filled with administrative work, RiskLogic stood out with its modern and innovative approach to business resilience. RiskLogic’s strategy includes investments into inhouse development of crisis management and emergency management software and is also the provider of the Clearview Business Continuity software in Australia and New Zealand. It’s clear that the tech space RiskLogic has established would appeal to a tech savvy millennial with a strong interest in Risk and Emergency management. Hence, Magnus made the decision to travel halfway across the world to complete his internship with RiskLogic.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand, RiskLogic developed a tailored 6 month intern program for Magnus allowing him to rotate and work with the team in each state. RiskLogic provided Magnus with a peer to peer learning experience and also gave him the opportunity to develop various incident and scenario registers, the creation of run sheets for exercises, development of Incident and Business Continuity E-learning modules and plans – essentially growing his experience in business analysis, strategy development, training and client engagement.

“The work experience at RiskLogic has been incredibly valuable to both my study and my future career. I have been introduced to tools and skills that is impossible to duplicate at university.” Says Magnus.

RiskLogic currently has a number of local interns looking to develop their skills within the tech space. If you are interested in an internship at RiskLogic, email Iolanda Hazell at

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