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Christmas Party for RiskLogic’s children

It’s easy to spruik that a company has a strong culture & value around its people. But it may be completely different when companies are expected to turn theoretical value into true practice. Businesses can oftentimes get so busy throughout the year that planned social events can often be overlooked or placed lower down the list of priorities.

At RiskLogic, Joint Directors Dan Shields and Josh Shields places a lot of value on their people and these values are practiced throughout the year. Established in 2005, RiskLogic has been on a trajectory of exponetial growth over the last few years, with the team growing rapidly – and still growing. The RiskLogic directors are firm believers that an organisation’s success is a combination of having a clear and meaningful purpose, strong values and highly aligned and motivated people who are the best in the industry.

Josh and Dan are advocates of placing people first and the results will follow. They do this by encouraging team members to have a balanced work and family lifestyle, interlaced with social events throughout the year and finishing 2017 with a Christmas party for children of the RiskLogic family.

The children enjoyed an afternoon of xbox and Wii, cupcake decorating, colouring in, face painting and pool, finished with a visit from Santa Claus.
Exhausted and loaded with sugar, the children went home with parents who could finish the day with an early mark. Merry Christmas to all our clients, friends and family. Stay safe over the holidays.

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